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Simple Techniques To Extend The Life Of Your Couch

Your sofa is an important household furniture that you need to take care of. Aside from for providing an additional aesthetic appeal to your home, it provides you a much-needed sitting furniture that provides comfort to you and your family.

But it also need some TLC so it can serve its purpose. If you are looking for some couch-caring tips, then you are in for a treat:


  • Know what your sofa is made of

The first thing that you need to do is to know what your sofa is made of. This is know exactly what kind of cleaning detergent and equipment you can use for your sofa. Remember that a cleaning agent for fabric sofa should not be used for leather couches. It might damage the material that will lead to its deterioration. Be very careful on choosing your cleaning agent. A mild one is always advisable to keep the material intact.


  • Schedule a sofa maintenance clean

Like any other furniture or furnishings in your home, you need to have a scheduled maintenance plan for your sofa. It might sound a little tedious but in reality it is pretty simple. You can include the sofa cleaning on your usually house cleaning schedule but the ideal set-up would be allotting a separate day for it. The reason is, it might take time. You may need to wash it and air dry and it can take a day or two.

For a more thorough sofa cleaning, it would be best to get the help of sofa cleaning services in Dubai every 6-8 months. These professionals are expert on cleaning any kind of couch or sofa. Once they are done, your couch will look and feel as good as new.


  • Vacuum your sofa regularly

Dust is the no. 1 enemy of furnishing, especially couches. Dust, dirt, and grime build up on your sofa can cause skin issues, allergies and respiratory ailment. It can also compromise the aesthetics of your couch. So as much as possible, vacuum the couch, sweep the bottom part to get rid of the dust and dirt.


  • Remove food stain ASAP

Food stains is also one of the enemies of furnishing and the number one suspect of furniture deterioration, especially of beds and fabric couches. Not only it is not good to look at, but it can lead to further damage on your sofa fabric. Food stains attract ants and other insects and can tear the delicate material of your couch.


  • Do jump on your sofa

Sofa and couches, unlike beds, do not have springs to support excess strains cause by jumping. Overtime, the foundation will not hold the couch itself, As much as possible, do not jump on your couch and teach your kids to stay still when sitting on it.


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