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6 Key Factors When Selecting A Crane Manufacturing Company

For some industries, cranes are essential part of their business operation. Without these trusted machines, it would be hard to transfer and relocate equipment and materials from one point to another and they need to hold heavy machinery suspended in the air.

Given its importance, production managers and procurement officials should get the top-notch crane equipment that will help get the job done. This would mean scouting a number of crane manufacturing companies to bid and present what they can offer. If you are in the process of scouting for a crane supplier, here are some things that you need to take into account:

  • OSHA Compliant


OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is an esteemed organization in the US implements policies pertaining to safety of working and promoting a healthy working environment. Companies all over the globe are following the standards set by this organization, especially equipment providers and manufacturers. Be sure to check whether your prospective supplier is compliant with OSHA’s policy, especially with OSHA 1910, which tackles about use of overhead and gantry cranes.


  • Conduct regular crane inspections


Part of OSHA’s ruling is also to conduct inspection of the equipment on a regular basis. It is imperative for crane providers to schedule a maintenance check and inspection (monthly and yearly) to ensure that the equipment is in top condition and still good for industrial use. The inspection should document the current condition of the equipment and recommendations for upgrade and repairs.


  • Availability of spare parts


It is essential that your crane supplier has access to spare parts of the equipment in order to fulfill the repair and replacement job orders. It would be best if your supplier is connected to top brands of crane parts suppliers that can provide them the spare parts needed in short notice.


  • Competent technicians


One of the key areas that you need to check when selecting a crane manufacturing company is the capability of the team that will handle the equipment’s maintenance work. The supplier should have a team of competent technicians that will be able to handle any crane work assigned to them. Their wealth of experience in handling crane repair should be above average and they should also be available for urgent repairs should the need arise.


  • Competitive rates


Cranes are expensive equipment, so the procurement personnel should ensure that they are getting what they are paying for. Check whether the specs are right for the rates being provided and what are the add-ons for purchasing or buying the cranes.

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