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Inexpensive Bathroom Interior Refresh Hacks You Can Do In Under A Week

Your bathroom is a personal space where you do your business. It is a place where you can relax your mind while you take a bath or simply retouching your makeup. Given its importance, it is a must that this space receive a much needed facelift.

Doing a total bathroom makeover can be costly, especially of the space is big and the accents you will use is made of top-grade materials. But if you are low on budget, do not lose hope. You can revive your bathroom space and make it a stunning space by doing these inexpensive design hacks:

  1. Create impact with tiled walls

A plain bathroom wall is definitely easy to maintain, but it lacks the character you need to make the space a stunning one. If you are aiming for elegance and creative impact, spice up the walls using striking bathroom wall tiles. Bathroom tiles can add a much-needed texture to your plain wall. You can choose from a broad range of bathroom tiles that will complement your bathroom design.

  1. Add elegance with sanitary wares

As they say, the devil is in the details. This holds true when it comes to interior design. The smallest design details can create a big impact in one’s design. In case of bathroom designs, adding elegant sanitary wares would add a much-need sophistication on your space. Try to contact your trusted sanitary ware suppliers in Abu Dhabi to provide you with wide selection of sanitary wares – from the toilet to the shower head.

  1. Make it comfortable with appropriate sink

The installation of the sink is crucial. Making it too high or too low can cause strain to the body. Be sure that the sink is installed at an appropriate level. Also, be sure to use the right size of sink so the user can use it comfortably and reach out to the toiletries you need to freshen yourself.

  1. Beautify with a mirror

A bathroom mirror can be used as a design accent to a place. For bathroom mirrors, you can upcycle these by using designer tiles. You can simply glue the cut up pieces of tiles along the side to give it a modern and contemporary look.

  1. Multiply the elegance with lighting

Lighting can be used to set the vibe and ambiance to any space. If you are aiming for a relaxing vibe, try to use dimming lights.