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School Clubs and Activities Your Kid Can Join In Primary School

After school clubs and organizations are part of every modern school system who aims to develop every facet of a student’s skill and talent. These types of clubs provide venue for nurturing passion and also give its members an opportunity to be part of the group.

If your kid is on the process of joining one of them, having them read these types of clubs might help him decide.


  • Music and Entertainment Arts


One of the most common and probably most popular clubs in the school belongs to the music and entertainment arts. These clubs can range from drama and theatre clubs, chorale and glee clubs, bands, dance classes and other organizations that are into performing arts. A lot of parents are very much willing to have their kids join these types of clubs to nurture their kids’ talent in performing.


It can also help their kids to express themselves in a creative performance and build their self confidence in facing a crowd. A lot of American schools in Dubai have performance clubs that encourage student to be more inclined in the arts.


  • Academic clubs


Academic clubs and organizations basically are clubs that tap students who excel on certain academic subjects (Science, Math, Debate, etc.). Some people may think that joining these clubs is a little bit nerdy and redundant. But there are benefits on being part of academic clubs. For one, your kid can excel more on these subjects and also get help on subjects and topics that he is having difficulty in.


  • Outreach programs


Outreach programs and organization serve as the arm of the school for their charity works. Why is it important to be part of this kind of club? For one, it teaches your kid the values of giving back and help others. It can also help them to be more compassionate and be open to realities of the world. Compassion and empathy can help them on major decisions that need to tackle on in the future.


  • Practical arts


Practical arts and entertainment arts are different areas but still fall under the same category, which is the arts. While entertainment arts deals with performances, practical arts delves more on technical but creative skills such as drawing, painting, sculpting. These types of clubs are accommodating students who wants to pursue a career in fine arts. These clubs often hold exhibits to showcase the work of its members.


  • Sports clubs


If your kid is into sports or any types of physical activities, then sports clubs might interest him. Like what the name implies, sports clubs recruit students who have the guts and passion to work on their sports skills. There are a lot of clubs and program that fall under this category and every private school in Dubai has a sports program that ties up with the clubs to encourage students who might be interested.