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What you need to do to acquire organic search engine visibility

SEO has been like a dream come true for most of the big businesses. However, it is not true in the case of small businesses. For them, it has always been a challenge to live up to it. Most people who are not familiar with the technicalities of it might ask why. Well the reason is pretty simple. The small businesses, including the top Instagram influencers, have had to compete with the large businesses for the same market share and the large businesses have always managed to earn a better brand name and affinity, thanks to SEO.

This does not actually mean that small businesses cannot afford organic search that acts as a powerful marketing channel which promises higher returns. In fact, many small businesses and Arab social media influencers have managed to compete with the giants by sketching a SEO strategy that actually offsets the traditionally large marketing budget difference between the two. This is the best technique because the small businesses cannot possibly outspend the larger companies in media acquisition and thus they need a refined technique that targets some other aspect of marketing in order to fetch them better gains.

  1. Geography

The limitation of companies with a very limited budget is evident in the fact that when it is regarding short-tail SEOs, the search engine pages are filled with names of big brands. No small company could possibly spare enough money to be able to avail their services. These lower search engine results can, however, be altered if the company focuses more on the areas that have comparatively lower competition. When we take geography into account, the search results often have very limited big-brands and thus most of the smaller companies can take advantage of this factor to get better organic search visibility. You must also take into account the consumers of your services. You must look for consumers who avail the services you provide in a particular area. This way you can limit your competition and gain much more than you would in an expanded area. If your business has an offline presence in a particular locale then that can give you an added opportunity of earning better results. The reason for this is that consumers always tend to trust a business that they can actually visit over any brand that has a good name but no physical presence.

  1. Geo-modified Keyword Targeting

Utilization of geo-modified search queries is very important in regards of location based SEO for small scale businesses. Another added benefit of this technique is that your business will not have to be location based in order to get better results. You must know that geo-targeted search phrases are comparatively lower in terms of competition and they are searched at the stage of purchase in the whole buying cycle. This means that they have very high conversion rates. This can easily be understood by an example: It is estimated by Adwords that there are about 22,200 searches for ‘home security’ in Google on a monthly basis in America. Now, a small-scale business would not have enough funds to hire an SEO that could make them rank on the first page. If, however, ‘Miami’ is added as a geo-modifier, then the monthly searches would drop to about 210 and this can actually help increase the sales of the small-scale business.