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Qualities you should look for in a Professional House Painter

Are you in the throes of seeking out a viable construction painter to take over your exterior painting project? Unfortunately, stumbling across a credible painting company in Dubai isn’t a piece of cake. Before you finalize a painter for the job, here are a few qualities to look for in a house painter:

Courteous and Punctual

A credible and reliable house painter is respectful of the client’s preferences, and always strives to be courteous and punctual. As most clients choose painters based on word of mouth recommendations, it’s indispensable for them to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of their clients.

Good Communicator and Listener

A house painter worth his salt is attentive to the needs of their clients, and asks all the necessary questions to better comprehend your needs and desires. A credible house painter also tries to answer all the client’s queries and also suggests methods, products, or related tasks to complete your job to perfection.


Meticulousness is a trait that separates good painters from great ones. A great painter likes straight edging lines and well-done work. To accomplish this level of perfection, they try to select only the best techniques for each project and discuss in details with paint retailers to ensure that they only have the best possible products needed to achieve optimum results.


A top-notch construction painter should be versatile above other things, which translates into the fact that they should excel in the necessary competencies for the interior and exterior painting, the spray gun, the paint brush, the roller, masonry, plastering, repairing or replacing sidings, and surface preparation.


Be sure to look for honesty in a potential painter. An honest painter never hesitates to tell their client that they are suitable or qualified enough for a certain project. In addition, if he doesn’t have the necessary tools or expertise, or isn’t drilled in the required techniques for a particular project, they should refer you to another professional to undertake that aspect of the project, for instance a carpenter, plaster, or a mason, instead of trying their hands at the task and messing it up.


A professional house painter should stay abreast of the latest technologies and innovative new products in their field. While, it is a given that no painter can be aware of every paint product on the market or excel at every technique, they should at least be aware of the latest trends and innovations in the niche.


Agility of a painter is always appreciated. However, keep in mind that quickness doesn’t always translate into low quality, especially when you are working with a professional. In fact, there are a plethora of techniques and tools that can boost the productivity of a painter. To complete big projects quickly, always look for painters possessing a great team spirit. Click here to learn more about hiring a viable house painter.